Tips for a Successful Cocktail Hour

Cocktail hour is a great way to transition from the ceremony to the reception. It keeps guests entertained and gives vendors time to complete any last-minute touches. How can you make sure your cocktail hour is a success? Check out these great tips that can prepare you for your special day.

1. Think About Food

Food is always important no matter what event you go to. For the Cocktail Hour, giving your guests something to munch on is beneficial. You don’t need your guests to feel like they’re starving before the reception starts, but at the same time, you don’t want to give them a full-course meal. Think finger food.

Finger food is a great choice as it’s something light and leaves guests ready for more at the reception. Talk with your caterer about a few hors d’oeuvres that could be served during Cocktail Hour. Make sure to provide small plates, cocktail napkins (guests shouldn’t need cutlery), and plenty of staff to help clean up the area.

  • Additionally, make sure you consider the dietary needs of others when coming up with food to serve during your Cocktail Hour.

2. No Longer Than An Hour

You’re probably taking advantage of the Cocktail Hour and getting a few photos done, but still think about your guests. Cocktail Hour has the word hour in it for a reason. Gusts get antsy and probably would like to celebrate with you soon so try to keep your Cocktail Hour to a maximum of one hour (it’s okay if you’re late by 5 minutes).

3. Time for Cocktails! And Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Well, you can’t have a cocktail hour without the cocktails of course. But make sure guests also have non-alcoholic. To make sure everyone can get their share of drinks, ensure you have enough bartenders to serve your guests.

Not only should you have bartenders, but try to have waiters walk around with juice, water, or poured glasses of wine. Now if you truly want to personalize Cocktail hour, create a signature cocktail that you and your significant other enjoy. Pick when you want it to be served and allow guests to find another way to connect with you on your big day.

4. Seating Options

Not everyone wants or can stand for a whole hour so a few seating options would be great for your guests, especially for older ones. Include high-top tables so guests can chat or sit with their drinks. Just make sure you aren’t seating more than 30% of your party. You don’t want people to get too comfortable before the party begins.

5. A Little Razzle Dazzle

You picked decorations for the ceremony and reception but did you think about Cocktail Hour? You don’t need to go all out but a little razzle-dazzle doesn’t hurt. If your venue has an outdoor area utilize it and create a nice Cocktail Hour. Using nature as your decoration, enhance it with a few string lights. Cover your tables with a luxurious tablecloth and a small centerpiece.

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