Should I Get A Wedding Planner?

A common question we get when starting the wedding planning process is, “Should I get a wedding planner?” Well, if you’re someone who can’t stand the thought of doing the planning yourself, you have no time, or simply have absolutely no clue what you’re doing, then maybe a planner is right for you. But it is absolutely possible to plan your dream day without one. If you’re the type of person who enjoys DIY, needs to save on money, or wants to try their hand in doing something fun and exciting for yourself… then what’s the need (though, do note that having a wedding planner can be cost-efficient and save you money financially in the long run).

Here are a few points on why a wedding planner could be a great and things to know about hiring one.

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1. They Can Help You Stay On Budget

If you’re afraid of tipping over your wedding budget, a wedding planner is definitely your best bet. They usually charge a flat fee, want a percentage of your overall budget, or charge an hourly fee. It would be best to set aside 10 to 20 percent of your budget if you do choose to hire a wedding planner. Even though the price for wedding planners should be included in your budget and it can seem costly, they can still help you stay under or at your exact amount. Usually, a planner would know around the amount you should spend on a vendor and can help you find a great photographer, musician, caterer, etc. at a reasonable price point.

2. They Can Bring Your Vision To Life

If you find the right wedding planner (keyword: RIGHT), they can really transform your wedding dream into a reality. The right wedding planner would know off-hand the perfect vendors for your ballroom shindig or garden ceremony. When you meet your wedding planner, act like they’re your date; keep an ear out for anything that you may like or dislike about the planner and take that into consideration when trying to bring your vision to life. Your planner should fight to keep your vision going from beginning to end, even down to helping you get your favorite flowers. “Can they read my mind? How did they know?” should be your thoughts during your planning process.

3. They Can Help Save Money On Vendors

The best thing about a wedding planner is that they can potentially help you save money on vendors. Since wedding planning is their profession, they likely have a list of reputable vendors for all price points— they may even be able to get you a discount! This is because pleasing a wedding planner will bring them recurring business. As a result, vendors and wedding planners will use this as an opportunity to please their clients as best as they can, possibly by getting them a discount.

4. They Can Take Away Most Of Your Stress

Having a wedding planner relieves you of a huge lump of stress from having to do it yourself. You don’t have to worry about catching up on your wedding checklist or finding the best vendor because it’ll all done for you. Wedding planners allow you to sit back, relax, and focus on yourself and the rest of your bridal party, giving you ample time to prepare for your big day. You’ll never have to worry about any stressful last minute details.

5. They’re Experts

Trying to plan a wedding with 100-300 guests requires a lot of time and planning. There is more to it than just finding a venue and picking out flowers. Wedding planners wear multiple hats and can tackle it all. They’ll act as your legal counsel, budget manager, site coordinator, and designer. An experienced planner’s resources are endless and can of offer you the best of the best. If you want everything to run smoothly and have even the slightest worry that you can’t do it on your own, leave everything to the pros.

Let us know if you’re considering using a wedding planner for your big day by leaving a comment down below! Or you can drop a recommendation that you’ve used to help another bride-to-be with making their dream day a reality!

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