10 Different Venues Perfect For Any Wedding

Are you looking for the perfect wedding venue to fit your big day? Don’t know what venues are out there? Here’s a list of 10 different wedding venues to help give you an idea of your perfect ceremony setup.

1. Mansion/ Historic Home

Mansions and historic homes can give your wedding a vintage feel while providing a little character and charm. Typically, these venues both have an outdoor and indoor area for your ceremony or reception. One example you can check out is the Biltmore Estate (shown below).

Image: Biltmore Estate (Ashville, NC)
2. Vineyard/ Winery

This is for my darling wine lovers! Many wineries and vineyards offer event spaces for different occasions. Even if you don’t particularly fancy wine, vineyards can be a unique setting complemented by lovely scenery.

Image: South Coast Winery Resort & Spa (Temecula, CA)
3. House of Worship

For those that are seeking a religious ceremony, houses of worship are a great sacred space. Even though most houses of worship only offer ceremony spaces, there are a few that could offer reception spaces if you’d like to keep everything in one location.

Image: Chapel At Tlaquepaque (Sedona, AZ)
4. Farm/ Barn

If you’re going for a rustic themed wedding, farms and barns have got you covered. They’re extremely casual and offer a cozy, earthy feel that’s hard to beat. Barn weddings offer a great backdrop for photos too.

Image: Roca Berry Farm (Roca, NE)
5. Campground

Campgrounds aren’t something you hear often when it comes to wedding venues, which makes it different and out of the ordinary. If you and your significant other are fans of the great outdoors, then this could be the venue for you. Below is an example of a campground ceremony (technically it’s in the chapel on the campground, but it’s on a campground nonetheless).

Image: Pretty Place/Fred W. Symmes Chapel at Camp Greenville (Greenville, SC)
6. Country Club

If you’re looking for a stress-free experience, country clubs are a popular choice. With their well-manicured lawns, catering services, and spaces for both indoor and outdoor areas, you’ll get a stunning venue without all the hassle.

Image: Black Rock Country Club (Hingham, MA)
7. Planetarium

Literally married under the stars! Some science museums or planetariums offer areas for wedding ceremonies. Planetariums create a romantic, out of this world feel without all of the mosquito bites.

Image: The Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)
8. Stadium

Go big or go home! For all my sports fans or those who just like to have a grand— and I mean grand day, then stadiums are definitely a fun option. Stadiums often welcome events of all kinds, including weddings if it’s off-season for teams.

Image: U.S. Bank Stadium (Minneapolis, MN)
9. Hotel

Hosting a lot of out-of-town guests? Hotels are a perfect location for housing accommodations, ceremony spaces, and reception spaces all in one. Who needs transportation when you can just go downstairs?! Bigger hotels offer ample space and usually have a grand ballroom that can be used for wedding ceremonies. Some hotels may offer catering as well.

Image: Havana Cabana (Key West, FL)
10. Garden

Gardens are lovely if you’re looking for a naturally decorated wedding spot. For outdoor venues, gardens are one of the most popular out there. It’s great for staying within budget and requires minimal décor due to its natural beauty. Just be prepared in case inclement weather comes sweeping in. If you want more details on outdoor venues check out my post on outdoor ceremonies here.

Image: The Founders Inn and Spa (Virginia Beach, VA)

We’d love to hear about your favorite venue type! And if you have any questions about these kinds of venues, or perhaps want a part 2 for any wedding spaces we missed, let us know in the comment section below!