Flowers… The Choice Between Real and Artificial

When it comes to wedding day d├ęcor, flowers are a kiiiind of a big deal. Brides, wedding planners, and event organizers alike spend countless hours making sure they choose the right flora that not only give the wedding a more natural aesthetic, but also, of course, match the theme of the event. But what happens when you have to ask yourself the big question– “Do I want real flowers, or artificial?” Do not fret if you’re struggling to make a decision; that’s why I’m here. I’ll break down the pros, cons, and a few misconceptions about choosing your wedding day bouquet.

Before jumping right into the nitty gritty details about pros and cons, I wanna address a few common beliefs about our dear artificial friends:

  1. Artificial flowers are not always cheaper than their natural counterparts. Many people believe that choosing artificial flowers will save them a pretty penny on decorations, and in some cases, that’s true… but on the other hand, something like silk flowers can be SUPER pricey. It can even be more expensive than choosing real flowers, especially if the flowers you are looking for are out of season.
  2. Artificial flowers do not always look fake. I get it, there’s this idea that artificial flowers look cheap and outta of style. But if you pay for cheap… well, you get cheap. Higher priced artificial flowers, such as silk, can definitely fool your guests into thinking they’re real from how natural they look. The only way they could truly tell the difference is if they stick their nose in your decorations and get a good whiff, or they decide to give the flowers a feel.
Why Should I Look Into Artificial Flowers?
You Can Have Keepsake

Artificial flowers can be great for your wedding day if you are looking for a keepsake. After your wedding the flowers can be kept to help you remember that special day between you and your spouse with out worrying about them dying in the future.

They Can Be Used For Another Event

As stated before artificial flowers never die so they are reusable. They may get bent or dusty in storage but one of the great things about artificial flowers is they bounce back. Just dust them off, bend the stems back, and fluff the petals and your flowers are as good as new. Not only that artificial flowers are lighter so they are easy to carry and manage when using them for your big day or another event.

You Don’t Need To Worry About Allergies

If you are worried about you or your guests having an itchy nose or throat then artificial flowers are a great suggestion. Allergies can lead to a bad day and we can’t have that, however if you still prefer real flowers I do discuss a few hypoallergenic types below.

I Prefer Real Flowers for My Wedding

If you prefer real flowers for your wedding, awesome! If the climate allows for it and you want a natural fragrance at your wedding, definitely go for it! You don’t even necessarily have to compromise because of allergies; here are a few hypoallergenic options to choose from that will save you and your guests from the sniffles.


Roses are already an excellent choice as they are easy to find and can come in a variety of colors. They’re especially great for those that suffer from allergies as they typically don’t garner any allergic reactions. Just be sure to avoid more fragrant types as they can cause headaches due to their strong smell.


If you’re looking for a larger flower that looks spectacular in any bouquet, hydrangeas are the perfect recommendation. They can come in beautiful blues, precious pinks, poppin’ purples, and white. And, of course, they’re highly favored by those with sensitive noses.


Let’s be clear: lilies aren’t completely pollen free. But, it is easy to remove the pollen before they arrive for the big day. Also, it’s actually possible to have some lily bulbs bred with little-to-no pollen. If you’re looking for vivid colors like as red, pink, and orange, try for Asiatic lilies. But if you’re more interested in unique shapes, Calla lilies are highly recommended.

For other types of hypoallergenic flowers, check here.

Here’s a little test just for fun! Leave a comment and tell me whether you can see the difference between the two bouquets. Which one’s real and which one’s silk?