The Perfect Dress & Body Types

Well hello, my brides to be. I may not be Randy or Monty, but one thing I do know about dresses is there’s a billion and a half options to choose from to flatter EVERY body type. But how are we supposed to keep track of it all!? Never fear; it may seem like there’s too many choices out there, but one of the most important questions to ask yourself is, “What silhouette do I want to achieve?” With that in mind, you can start picking out dresses that most suit your body type. No idea what I’m talking about? Don’t worry girl, I got you!

All the dresses listed can be found at Kleinfeld (for no reason other than my love for Say Yes to the Dress 😊).

Photo and Dresses from Maggie Sottero

Keep in mind when hunting for a dress that what looks good on the hanger may not be the dress best that flatters your body type. The MOST important thing though is to wear what makes you feel most like, well, you! Rock that sheath, flaunt that jumpsuit, or slay the game in both (reception ‘fit, anyone?) and rule your wedding day as you see fit!

A Few Shopping Tips Before Diving In:

  1. Try to style your hair and makeup how you’d like it for your wedding before going into your bridal appointment to get a basic idea of what you want for your big day. Don’t forget shoes!
  2. Make sure your entourage is filled with people you trust! They should give their honest opinions but at the same time understand that it’s YOUR day. Choosing your dress is stressful enough as is; 47 differing opinions isn’t always the best remedy for that (so maybe go for a smaller group to start).
  3. Trust your bridal consultant. There may be times where they pull you out of your comfort zone, but they are there to make sure you find your perfect dress. Your dream dress might be one you never even considered!
  4. Bring in dress ideas that you like (silhouette, beading, designer, etc.), however make sure you keep and open mind! A Pinterest board would be PERFECT for this.
Wedding Dresses for Athletic Body Type
Love by Pnina Tornai
 Style #14759 (Fit & Flare), Price: $4,100
Eve of Milady
 Style #1629 (A-Line), Price: Must call Kleinfeld for pricing
  • Fit-and-Flare and A-line gowns are perfect for an athletic body type as it creates the illusion of a waist. Most people with an athletic body type tend to have equal shoulder and hip measurements.
  • A sleek sheath gown is also a stellar option.
  • Shoulders are typically more defined for those with an athletic build, so feel free to show off those arms and shoulders with a halter top or strapless gown.
Wedding Dresses For Hourglass Types
Danielle Caprese
 Style #113286xs (A-line), Price: $2,800
 Style #SHIRLEYXS (Mermaid), Price: $3,000
  • To enhance your natural curves that come with an hourglass figure, A-line, Trumpet, and Mermaid gowns are your best bet. Mermaid and Trumpet skirts in particular both accentuate the bust all while focusing on the hips and creating a little drama at the end.
  • Mermaids and Trumpet gowns are an especially big hit at the moment.
  • If you love the princess look, find a dress that has a structured bodice and a full skirt to maintain your curves, such as an A-line or Ballgown dress.
  • As for the neckline, the curves of a sweetheart neckline really add a feminine touch while complementing your own curvy shape.
Wedding Dresses for Pear (Triangle) Shapes
Maggie Sottero
 Style #TAYLORLYNETTEXS (Ball gown), Price: $1,390-$1,890
Demetrios for Kleinfeld
 Style #5112 (Ball gown), Price: $4,300
  • If you have a pear body shape, a Ballgown or A-line (old reliable, honestly) is highly recommended. Any asymmetrical type dress (ex. ruffled skirt) will create an illusion of your hips being balanced with your bust and cinched waist.
  • Large gowns don’t always have to be the move; find a dress with a chest-enhancing neckline and a bottom that flattens your hips to balance out your body shape.
  • If you are looking to emphasize the thiccness, look specifically for dresses that are fitted at the hips like Mermaids, Trumpets, and especially Fit and Flare.
Wedding Dresses for Apple (Inverted Triangle) Shapes
Michelle Roth
 Style #KENZIE (A-line), Price: $3,400
Love by Pnina Tornai
 Style #14681AXS (Ball gown), Price: $5,100
  • Due to apple shapes having a larger bust, you may wanna balance that out by placing emphasis on the waistline and flaring at the hips to create an even silhouette (as you’ve probably figured out, A-lines are really the go-to for every body shape; they’re just extra helpful here).
  • If you’re into wider straps, they’re a great choice since they’ll offer support for your chest.
  • If you prefer a modest neckline, more isn’t always more! Covering up your chest too much can actually make your bust seem larger than it is and cause an uneven silhouette. However, you can still remedy it all by pairing sleeves and a high neck together; the sleeves balance out the neckline and allow you to have that coverage your looking for!
Wedding Dresses for Curvy/Plus Size
Stella York
 Style #7288XS (Ball gown), Price: $1,400-$1,900
Stella York
 Style #7288XS (Trumpet), Price: $1,300-$1,800
  • These are dresses for queen-sized brides that have hips, a big bust, and a slightly larger middle than those of the pear or apple variety. If you are looking to enhance the bust, a halter top or a scoop neckline will provide the definition you need all while flattering your shoulders.
  • In terms of silhouette, you might wanna aim for something with a structured bodice and a flare from the waist (remember our old friend A-line?) that can give you a sleek look without having to worry about your midriff.
  • If you’re confident in your body and wanna rock a sheath, girl go for it! Look for something that has plenty of details at the top. Shoulders…Shoulders…Shoulders!!! Plenty of shoulder details and a dramatic waist will make you look like the queen you are aiming to be on your big day!
Wedding Dresses for Petite Shapes
Maggie Sottero
 Style #AIDAN (Sheath), Price: $1,450-$1,950
Anna Campbell
 Style #WANDAFITDR (Sheath), Price: $4,600
  • Unlike pear and apple shapes, petite figures are on the shorter, narrower side. To flatter a smaller bride, the answer is quite simple… the simpler the better. A more structured gown can give a sleek and feminine look without swallowing you whole (Ballgowns and, dare I say…. A-line… are not recommended).
  • An empire waistline can make your legs seem longer as it rests just below your bust, placing emphasis on your lower body.
  • If you do wanna go for the ballgown, it is recommended to stay away from elongated waistlines like a drop-waist gown.

Now, my lovely brides, remember this is just a loose guide to give you an idea of where to start your search. Regardless of what ANYBODY says (even me), choose the dress that makes YOU feel sexy. Makes YOU feel elegant. Makes YOU feel sophisticated. After all, that’s who it’s all about right? 😉